Stamp Duty Assessment – Stamp Duty what is it?

Stamp Duty Assessment – When property is bought, stamp duty is payable by the purchasing party. In a normal sale between unrelated parties, the contract price the property achieves is used to assess the amount of stamp duty payable. A problem arises when the sale is between related parties. The government needs to ensure that stamp duty paid is assessed at market value. Engaging a Valuer to determine market value satisfies the government that stamp duty has been assessed correctly.

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Matt benefits from 14 years as the Director of MBY Construction (NT) Pty Ltd. He has brought his building experience to eighty8valuers . Matt ensures properties are correctly valued according to the current market. This will avoid the purchaser paying to much stamp duty or too little – which could result in a shock bill.

Stamp Duty Assessment                                                                                               Registered Property Valuer

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