Pre-Sale / Pre-Purchase Property Valuation

The purchase or sale of a property is often the largest financial transaction that most people will complete during their lives.

Many Australians have an affinity with property and a genuine interest, however, caution is still required. Although most Australians have a broad overview of house maintenance, most would always engage the services of a qualified Carpenter to build a timber deck to guarantee a safe and accurate job. The same can be said for using a qualified Valuer as part of any property disposal or acquisition.

As a Valuer assesses property on a daily basis, they are familiar with the market and as a result can support you with a negotiation tool, whether dealing with a vendor or a purchaser. A Valuer charges a flat fee which is not linked to the sale price and can provide an unbiased opinion of market value, this can be a tool to save or make you money.

On the occasion that clients are contemplating buying a property, eighty8valuers can provide a Pre-Purchase Valuation Report to be used as a tool to secure a property.

If you are selling a property, eighty8valuers can provide advice on market value to achieve an acceptable sale price.

eighty8valuers is an independent valuation firm and not affiliated with any real estate agency.

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All reports are done by Matt Benson a licenced valuer based in Ballina, NSW, Australia