Murwillumbah Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors

Murwillumbah Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors

eighty8valuers provide quantity surveying and property valuation in Murwillumbah. eighty8valuers is based in Ballina, NSW, Australia which enables us to travel to the surrounding regional areas within a 250 km radius. We regularly travel to the Tweed’s major sugar cane and banana centre of Murwillumbah.

eighty8valuers value property and can assist you with the market value or rental value for a variety property transactions, including residential, commercial, industrial, rural farming and rural lifestyle valuations.

In addition to our property valuation arm, we also provide in-house quantity surveying which is completed by Managing Director, Matt Benson who draws on 20 plus years of building experience and historical construction data. Matt is an Australian Taxation Office Registered Quantity Surveyor.

Murwillumbah Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors

Murwillumbah is a town of approximately 7,500 people in far north-eastern New South Wales in the Tweed Shire on the Tweed River.

The town is the centre for dairy farming, sugarcane production and banana cultivation. The famous Banana Festival first began in 1955 and still commemorates the agricultural strength of the region. The town of Murwillumbah is also close to both the Gold Coast, Mount Warning and many other world heritage areas. Tourism, especially eco-tourism is increasingly important to the town and surrounding areas.

Murwillumbah has a wide range of shops and services and is a major centre for many other smaller villages. These smaller townships make a lovely country drive destination.

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