Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment

Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment – An is a way of ensuring that you have the correct amount of insurance in the event of a claim, whilst not burdening yourself with over insurance which results in greater than required insurance premiums.

Natural disasters in recent years have exposed many people to the fact that they have been underinsured and therefore the compensation amount provided by their insurance company is failing to cover current building replacement costs.

It is common practice for people to advise their insurance companies of the cost to build only and overlook the additional items such as removal of debris, cost escalations during the insurance period and accounts for professional and Council fees etc.

eighty8valuers, with experience in building, can assist by ensuring that your insurance levels are consistent with current building costs. Therefore, you will not be underinsured nor over insured and have peace of mind that your insurance cover is adequate and current.

Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment                                                                                      Insurance Assessment

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