Bangalow Property Valuers and Quantity Surveyors

Bangalow Property Valuers and Quantity Surveyors

eighty8valuers provide quantity surveying and property valuation in Bangalow. eighty8valuers are based in Ballina, NSW, Australia which enables us to travel to the surrounding regional areas within 250 km radius. We regularly travel to the laid back Northern Rivers village of Bangalow.

eighty8valuers value property and can assist you to obtain the market value or rental value for a variety property transactions, including residential, commercial, industrial, rural farming and rural lifestyle valuations.

In addition to our property valuation arm, we also provide in-house quantity surveying which is completed by Matt Benson who draws on 20 plus years of building experience and historical construction data. Matt is an Australian Taxation Office Registered Quantity Surveyor.

Bangalow Property Valuers and Quantity Surveyors

Bangalow is a small town, not far from Byron Bay and Ballina in the northern New South Wales region of the Northern Rivers. The town’s name is believed to have been derived from an Aboriginal word “Bangalla” meaning “a low hill” or “a kind of palm tree”.

Bangalows historic streetscape and close proximity to Byron Bay has increased its appeal as a tourist destination. Tourists often visit as its main street is lined with modern cafes and boutique shops. With coffee beans a popular purchase along with organic produce.

The town was originally settled by timber cutters in the 1840’s, with a town established by the 1880’s. The town was known as “Bnagaloe” until 1907 when the modern spelling came into use.



Matt Benson
224 River St,
NSW - 2478
0407 843 350

Associate Australian Property Institute
Certified Practising Valuer

Queensland Registered Property Valuer No. 3721MR

Tax Agent Registration No. 26334004
Licensed Builder (NSW) No. 210939C
Qualified Carpenter & Joiner