Ballina Property Valuer

eighty8valuers prepare property valuations in Ballina. eighty8valuers are Certified Practising Valuers, which enables us to value property and to assist clients to obtain the market value or rental value for a variety of property transactions, including residential, commercial, industrial, rural farming and rural lifestyle.

Listed below is a brief overview of our services, greater detail can be found by clicking on the home tab:

  • Ensuring correct asset/property protection through an Insurance Assessment to avoid paying too much for insurance premiums
  • Providing you with a negotiation tool when purchasing a property with a market valuation Pre-purchase Report.
  • The opportunity to save you time and money (lost due to extended advertising campaigns) by assisting with establishing the correct price for your property when selling through a market valuation Pre-sale Report.
  • Ensuring that you are properly compensated when your land or property is resumed by a government authority via a Compensation Assessment due to Acquisition Report
  • Peace of mind by adhering to the correct statutory process when declaring Capital Gains, Stamp Duty and Related Party Transfer to a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund for “non- arm’s length transactions”.
  • Compliance by providing a Market Value Report to ensure accurate financial reporting for companies
  • Compliance by providing a market value report to ensure an accurate Rental Determination and avert disagreements between landlords and tenants.
  • Providing independent Construction Estimation and Feasibility Analysis for property developments.
  • Providing an independent assessment when transferring property between related parties and therefore averting anxiety amongst family members with a Related Party Transfer Report

Ballina – General Information about the town

Ballina Property Valuer


Ballina is located on the mouth of the Richmond River on the Far North Coast, NSW. Surrounded by ocean, estuaries and canals it is the most accessible ISLAND on the Far North Coast NSW. Which makes it a very popular tourist destination hosting wonderful surfing/swimming beaches, boating and natural amenities.

The population of Ballina is 39,274 as per 2011 Australia Census Data.  As the population continues to grow, Ballina is becoming the growth hub for the region with many schools, shopping facilities, hospital, aged care facilities and natural amenities. Located on the Pacific Highway and hosting the modern Ballina Airport it is the gateway to the spectacular Northern Rivers and beyond (Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Lismore, the Clarence Valley, Nimbin and Alstonville).

The following statistics apply to houses in EAST BALLINA

  • Change in Median Price (5yrs) is 7%
  • Annual Change in Median Price (10yrs) is 5.5%
  • Median Asking Rent for EAST BALLINA is $430 per week
  • Average Days on Market is 112 days
  • Statistics based on Aug 2012 statistics
  • Statistics which apply to Units in BALLINA
  • Change in Median Price (5yrs) is 6.1%
  • Annual Change in Median Price (10yrs) is 6.6%
  • Median Asking Rent for BALLINA is $300 per week
  • Average Days on Market is 103 days
  • Statistics based on Aug 2012.